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MWHA- Track#7 - Looking Ahead - Mario Party 3

*Sorry, posting a bit earlier today- may not be at my computer later on XD ANYWHO,*

There haven't been very many remixes of these piece that I have come across. I have however, seen many people requesting this piece for mixing on multiple game music sites. I did find at least one remix on youtube, but it's more of a reworking of the piece. It's nice to listen, but doesn't much resemble the original beyond the very beginning. You can listen to it here

If you're not particularity familiar with "Looking Ahead" or the Mario Party 3 soundtrack, I HIGHLY recommend getting to know this pretty lady. The music is all very unique and very easy to find yourself listening to for hours on end. Another perfect example of the phrase: "Whatever Koji Kondo and the people that work with him are being payed, it's not enough."
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