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MWHA - Terraria Stuff!! (Not a bigg'un today folks!)

Lol Feeling a bit stranded on an isle of non-inspiration.

Hello Dtoid community ^_^.

I'm not in a very inspired mood today. Ergo, rather than forcing a blog out, I'll just leave a little music here on the page for your listening enjoyment.�

This song is new to this particular game; one of a few musical additions to Terraria with the console release that was birthed not too long ago. I personally love all the music for this game. It's funny though, if a friend of mine hadn't bought the console version, I probably never would have heard any of the new songs. I wasn't necessarily going to buy the console version of the game because the PC version rocked my socks so hard. Without a mouse it just seems...awkward....But I digress

It'd be cool if someone somewhere made a sweet remix of this song, but I can definitely see the hardship in doing so; not a whole lot of melody to work with.

In any case, I'm not feeling much like an elaborate blog today, but there will definitely be one for Thursday. So just keep listening for the howling maybe? ;)
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