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MWHA: Track #4 - Dragon Rock - Star Fox Adventures

Before I get started, let me just say sorry for missing the deadline this past Thursday. Life sometimes throws you a curve-ball, and believe me....that last one was a whamy! Anyway MOVING ON!

For being the most bad-ass looking boss in the whole game, this guy was RIDICULOUSLY easy to kill. >.<

The different sounds that accompany the harp's melody add to the eerie ambiance of the piece. In my opinion, composer David Wise was spot on creating a song to play behind this scene; Fox, tasked with rescuing stranded dinosaur soldiers at the request of the remorseful gatekeeper.

Remixes for this particular piece were in short supply. I'd be willing to wager that mostly, this has to do with the game's seemingly universal poor reception. But there is at least one remix out there that I can share with you guys- and it's a good'n.

I do agree with the mass majority about Star Fox Adventures; the title simply fell short of expectations (as reworkings of popular series often do). But if this game had a glimmering stream of hope to look upon, it was the awe inspiring music Wise beautifully crafted; songs like Dragon Rock. I have high hopes that there are people out there that heard and also enjoyed the music of this game, regardless of it's reputation.
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