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Riffer Guy Part 2: In Which I Rant About Things

Good to see you again Destructoid readers. Seeing as my last post of blog content had at least what seemed to have at least some form of warm reception I'm placing the next bit here as well. As for past projects I'll most like just make preview parts with a link due to the editing time it takes to transfer over the formatting for fic based riffs. Still hope everyone enjoys the next Riffer Guy part and as for the length of this one I'm just trying out a more bite sized stile of posting.

Johnel: Well it is time to jump back into webcomic hell so join me would you kindly. Also did a quick check at the other options on the page for this comic and found some cast "info" not really going to bother with the details but it suggests that the main character, who I refuse to call by that Mary Sue name, is 21. I'd want to call bullshit but my faith in humanity is somewhat low right now. Also as it says she doesn't like bananas I feel the following clip can be used.

This obviously is not just me showing what I wish to do to the creator of this comic.

Okay so enough delay let's do another four.

Johnel: Wow she suffers the delusion that anyone would have wanted to but their penis in her. Okay that's cruel but honestly this page was just awful. So let's break it down.

1. Art: Now I'm not sure if it is a good thing this has just a plain white background. On the one hand the shit backgrounds from before are gone but on the other hand that means the artist is just being lazy about adding them in. Also this habit of the artist to have characters hair be see through when it comes to eyes just freaks me out and isn't and art style choice I would aprrove of. Now it has become obvious there is a anger state design that involves the hair, also hat for some reason, changing to represent mood. My problem is though that I'm pretty sure her shoulders should not suddenly sprout spikes and remove her undershirt straps. Also she is holding a mystery item again in the first panel for no apparent reason. I have a feeling that is to become a theme.The other two look okay but part of the chin line on the other girl is too thick and makes it looks like she has a beard.That could have been the point though.

2. Joke: Okay so I'm guessing the idea is that she has an ex boyfriend who she hates for no reason. Personally this image makes the guy look like he is still willing to be social if not on a romantic level while the main character comes off as bitter and unwilling to move on. Yet for some reason I'm sure we are supposed to agree on her view of him. If you are going to make him look like a prick have him drive up with a car of cheerleaders like Gary Motherfucking Oak and taunt you about how much better he is without you. Sure that might have been unrealistic but hey in the real world someone lived after getting a metal pole launched through their head so feel free to go out of the bland zone a bit.

Johnel: You..... it...... he..... boobs....

Fucking hell this went downhill fast. Okay let's break this one done as well.

1. Art: Okay really with that lazy ass..... uh game shelf I think. Couldn't even keep the boxes straight and what is with some being colored and like two looking like they have cover art. Did you get bored go on a yaoi porn break and forget to finish?! Also really that is the male nerd design you have going. It is like the most obviously stupid short hand to ever exist. Hell you are supposed to be a gamer and know that they don't look like this. In fact some male nerds can look even like this......

Honestly it doesn't matter that this is supposed to be a character we don't like you could have done it with a less stupid visual short hand.

2. Everything Else: Just everything about this is wrong. First it is ego stroking by the creator for she is saying "I'm so desirable and sexy men can't keep themselves from hitting on me teehee". Of course this is also combined with a strange hatred for men that most likely exist on an equal scale of nerd as you claim to be. Worse yet his reaction is to straight forward and to be funny should have more incorperated something like him being silent but breathing heavly behind her. Which with the right facial expression and stance being drawn could be comedic. Could be because I do find this type of joke is older than Chuck Yeager, who is an awesome person by the way, and even in the time you made it could be considered a half rotten horse corpse at best. Overall I find this strip woefully offensive and that the creator should be given the following message......

Johnel: Oh yes Mary-Sue Von Stupid Hat astound us with your superior gaming knowledge! Seriously this is supposed to be the fucking joke really? You know besides he said Symphony of the Night not Kid Dracula and even if you go with the Kid Dracula being Alucard arguement that would mean he'd at least know about Castlevania 3 because that also has Alucard. Also Curse of Darkness really? I haven't touched it in forever but I'm asking more because wasn't that one of the big Yaoi fangirl bait games?

No I'm not talking about Catlevania to ignore this fucking comic and I resent the accusation. Thought I still hate that eyes under the hair thing it is going to forever get on my nerves. Aso can you decicde wheter his frames are round or square madam I'd like a little consistant art please. Also one final note before I move to the final comic for this part but what is with the small reference pool? I mean for a superior nerd you are really writing in the obvious choices. I mean if it is to make the.... guy with glasses.... look less nerdy than you I guess that would work but it isn't like you went and picked up anything more out there yourself. Either way with the initial offense of the last comic gone this one is just boring.

Johnel: I Fucking Knew It! Yaoi fangirl see had to be a yaoi fangirl making this type of shit. Hell I'm pretty sure guy thinking her freaky is supposed to make him look worse based on the warped reality this chick probablly still lives in. I'd really like it if horny as fuck teenage, I know the creator claims to being around 20 but she has the mentality of one, girls stop judging the sexuality of fictional characters because you find it hot. I mean hell I'm not even against Yaoi but fuck can you write a good story just once please?! I mean I'm sexually attracted to men and you don't see me writing characters from the material I make fun of wanting to do eatchother or have me do them. I also hate how this type of person can't seem to judge it by anything else because noooooooo.... everything has to be judged on how hot it would look for to males characters to fuck eatchother! Hell it will be people like this that set back good homosexual characters with rounded personalities from being created! Further more......

Sorry got carried away there. Oh also what the fuck is with that first dialogue thing? "So which one was your favorite? What was that?" I mean I guess he is asking what Lament of Innocence was, for the curious it is the origin story of Dracula and the vampire killer whip, but the way the rest of the dialogue is structured and placed makes that seem to not flow very well.

Still I think I've stomached enough of this comic for one day. Maybe it will get better next part...
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