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Metroid [Prime]; Thought #1

Not gonna make this, bla bla, use it, better here than notebook in desk unseen, shitcocks.

Metroid [Prime] game based on Wii U using tablet (no I don't fucking care what it's called, I'm using my sake of reference for convenience); including way of making Metroid be a cooperative multiplayer (optionally so, to be explained further on).

[Prime] - not based on the series, but based on interface and controls. Name in [] could be whatever, not my problem.

Basic backstory: Game based on Samus's work as a bounty hunter, emphasis on exploration and data recon with some combat. Occasional planets that are little-known and uncharted, opportunities for extra jobs and recon work, as well as some focused on attacking pirate bases of operations. Scanning visor crucial to some in gathering clues and information, but plenty to be also found off beaten path, same as in Prime series.

Wii U tablet used to act as secondary information feedback system, allowing the player to actively monitor suit activities and status, as well as use as mapping system. If camera functionality, perhaps some kind of scanning activity involving use (dunno, I'm not Molyneaux). Must see Deux Ex Wii U version when released, much of description sounds analogous to application(s) for Metroid game.

Further: Additional player can join adventure via tablet control, relegating player controlling Samus to standard controller (future use of second tablet controller? If so, then redundancy hooray!).

Secondary player's participation explained by Samus discovering a deployable AI ______ (blankety blank because fuckety fuck). Possible options for assisting Samus include recon in areas that are not fully accessible by Samus; can also act analogous to Watchers in Halo 4, providing shielding and further assistance in combat scenarios and otherwise any engagement with hostile conditions (necessary traversal through/under/over [the hills and far away] dangerous areas). Secondary player has own status conditions and monitoring system as well. Secondary player's primary view is through the tablet screen (1st person or 3rd? Dunno, someone else's problem).

Further notes: Party Shark.
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