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Naked inflatable man: Dtoid sent me stuff!

About two months ago I got a message from Andy asking me what shirt size I wear, that Niero wanted to send me a little something for all the "badass blogging" I've done.

Cool! A free Dtoid shirt or something, that would be sweet. What a lovely gesture!

Weeks pass and the shirt never arrives. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right? Time slips by and the idea fades from my mind.

Then the other day a parcel is waiting on my doorstep. My first thought is "I didn't order anything" but then I see the recipient address and it reads "Wrenchfarm" instead of my Christian name. Holy shit.

It's big. It's heavy. It is decidedly not a t-shit. This is awesome.

So I plunk this heavy, dirty, rain soaked box down on my coffee table with it's ever so manly doily. I find a box cutter and a camera. This is a moment that needs to be saved for the ages.

Yay happy robots!

Thanks again!
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