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Another Bioshock Infinite Review

I know anyone who cares has probably already read all the Bioshock Infinite reviews that they are interested in reading, But screw it, I write reviews to become a better writer, not because anyone cares. Anyway, here's another review.

Bioshock Infinite from Irrational Games is a beautiful first person shooter that draws the player in and does not let go for 12 hours. The immaculate art style, passionate voice acting, and the incredible level of detail provide a backdrop for the most thought provoking game I have ever played.

The start of the game is straightforward; the year is 1912, and you play as Booker Dewitt. In order to pay off a debt, Booker must take a girl, Elizabeth, from Columbia, a floating city in the sky. From there things start to get complicated, but everything makes sense once you have delved deep enough into the lore of Bioshock Infinite. The story provokes thoughts on philosophy, racism, big corporations, the idea of choice (in real life and in games), war, and more; it is something everyone should experience first-hand.

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