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Baby's first Bioshock (or my girlfriend, the frat boy)

Hey all. This is my first blog. Incidentally, no idea on how to start one of these without sounding awkward.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited about Bioshock Infinite. I've played the original 4 or 5 times through, and loved it. The second one? Ehhhhh. But I digress, I'm excited about this game. My girlfriend doesn't really play games that much. She likes watching me play games like Deus Ex and MGS, but only recently decided to give one of my games a go. That game? Bioshock.

She's seen the trailers for Infinite and thinks the world looks pretty cool (plus she likes shooting things, so there's that), so I told her about the original and suggested she give it a go. I explain to her about the world of Rapture and Andrew Ryan and the powers and she stopped me right there. "Powers, you say? You mean I can shoot people AND set them on fire?" Well, yeah, but I mean the real draw of the game is the rich atm- "I'm in. Boot it up."

I'm just going to cut to the chase: She played the game wrong. Now, I know, I get it and I feel bad for saying so, but she ignored the story! The audiologs! She YAWNED during the Andrew Ryan confrontation and was disappointed she didn't get a boss fight! I tried to explain the story to her and she didn't really care. But, strangely enough, she loved the game! And that's when I realized why they chose the boxart that they went with. I get it now. That box art was to lure people in like my girlfriend. People that just want a game where you can shoot shit and set people on fire. I still don't condone this by any means, but I guess I just couldn't believe that people play games and ignore the story because they just don't care and want to blow up some shit for 30 minutes.

I told her she played the game wrong, but she didn't seem to care, and I guess neither should I, really. I hope Infinite sells well, and I hope it's as amazing as I think it will be (dat 1999 mode), but I just hope that one day people like Mr. Levine won't HAVE to pander to frat boys with generic box art. Maybe ordinary people will start taking this medium seriously, because I do, and I know plenty of others do too. I just hope that gaming doesn't have to pander too much to these people to get them interested.
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