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Help me prepare for GDC 2013


This fear extends to the after parties. There�s a bunch of them, but I�ve never been one for big parties and going to bars�especially if I�m by myself. I realize I just have to take the plunge and go for it�that�s where all the serious (slightly tipsy) networking friend-making happens. The question is: which party do I go to? I�m staying outside the city at my grandma�s place to save money, so my options are limited. BART only runs so late after all. If I�m limited to one party, which one should it be? That Destructoid GDC Hangover Party sounds like a good bet. It�s got Dtoid�s approval after all.

There ya go, Dtoid! Them�s all my anxieties about this upcoming trip laid bare. Help me out. Shower me with advice�serious or not. I�ll take whatever I can get! Help me not make a complete ass of myself (for the wrong reasons) at GDC 2013! And let me who else is going to be there. I want to meet as many of you fine, fine specimens of humanity as possible.
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