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"Sony-punk" - Sony's Scary/Angry/Fun Glimpse at a Technological Dystopia


As Nate Fox informs us that 1.3 million US citizens have had their phones traced and monitored by the government, Sony wants us all to be glued to our phones as part of their �integrated PlayStation ecosystem�.

To top things off, Ubisoft then emerged from behind the Titan Tron to reveal more details about Watch_Dogs, another sci-fi game that revolves around surveillance states and technophilia. This presentation seemed to fit neatly in between the two presentations before it; offering players a world in which they can rebel against an oppressive, tech savvy government (a la inFamous: Second Son), whilst still using and exploiting technology to achieve their rebellious ends. Said exploitation seems to apply both the game�s world and the real world, as Yves Guillemot promised that Watch_Dogs would feature cross platform play with mobile devices (a la Sony�s PS4 reveal video).

Although the possibility of a cyberpunk/technological dystopia is a frighteningly relevant issue in today�s culture, I�m not trying to incite some sort of vendetta against Sony/Sucker Punch/Ubisoft. I�m not mad at any of the parties mentioned for their unique (and seemingly oblivious) portrayals of a technological utopia/dystopia, be they real or fictional. Rather, I just found the whole thing fun, entertaining, frightening and confusing all at once. The guts it took for each party to come out and contradict each other�s presentations, whether it was intentional or not, deserves notice, if not admiration; and I for one thought it was worth talking about.

As long as �surveillance state cyber dystopia� doesn�t become the new �modern military shooter�, I�m a happy bunny.
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