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How To Make A Great Dragon Ball Game

Ah Dragon Ball Z. Arguably the most famous anime of all time (it�s only real competition being Pok�mon), and still insanely popular. There�s something cathartic about watching two grown, muscular, shirtless men beat each other�that came out wrong, didn�t it? Anyways, there�s only one problem with this series- there�s never been any great DBZ games! At best, we have Budokai 3, which is still pretty good. This is something that needs to be fixed! Let�s take look at what the past games did right.


This is the thing you see first. Good graphics do not make a game, but they certainly add to the experience. Now, I�ve seen reviewers and fans alike like the most recent games� visuals the best. The games I�m referring to are Raging Blast 2 and Ultimate Tenkaichi. However�I have to disagree. They certainly both look good, but my favorite game of the series, in terms of art direction, is the first Raging Blast.

What if Namco Bandai made a great Dragon Ball game for once?
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