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Save some money in the European, Australian 3DS eShop

Hopefully this isnít going to get buried in the current spam-alanche.
I donít know how it is for people in North America, but in Europe you can change your region on your 3DS. Doing that will change the currency used in the eShop. So hereís the kicker: Depending on exchange rates, you can actually save some money doing this.

Big pic here

First the big one: Ocarina of Time for £19.99, which translates to Ä22.88. Now look at the eShop price for OoT in Euros. Ä 29.99! This means if you live in a country that uses Euros, you can save 7 Euros if you buy from the UK eShop. Maybe that doesnít sound like much, but take a look at what you can get for that amount in the eShop. Mighty Switch Force, Hana Samurai, Pullblox, Link's Awakening all cost less than 7 euros. So if you buy OoT from the UK eShop, the money you save is worth an entire downloadable-only game. Thatís a nice deal, isnít it? Two games for the price of one.

Itís quite strange really. For some reason, Nintendo decided to cut the price for OoT in the UK by 50 % but for other regions the discount is closer to 20-30 %. If youíre from New Zealand you can save 23 NZD. That amount gets you Dillonís Rolling Western or Mutant Mudds + maybe a Virtual Console game. If youíre from Sweden, you can save 87 Swedish kronar (kronas?), which nets you Crimson Shroud. And so on. I havenít compared all the prices, but thereís money to be saved here if youíre willing to put a little effort into it.

As for the rest of the eShop prices, they donít differ that much. On the smaller titles the difference isnít that significant, but you can still save some cash on the more expensive titles. Australians can save 10 kangaroo bucks on full priced first party retail stuff like Super Mario 3D Land if they use the UK eShop. Euro-countries can save 5 Euros on Sonic Racing in the UK eShop. Scandinavians can save 70-80 Skyrim dollars on Zero Escape by using the UK eShop. People in Poland and Switzerland can also save something on Zero Escape in the UK eShop And so on. You just have to be willing to look yourself, because my brain canít handle any more currency fiddling.

Thereís not much to gain for people in Russia, Poland and Switzerland. My general impression is that New Zealanders, Australians and Scandinavians are the ones who can benefit the most from changing regions, but, depending on the title, you can usually save a little even if youíre just from mainland Europe. Regardless, the main thing to look out for in the future are these special deals like OoT. Hopefully we will get more of them.
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