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Behold! The TRUE Future of Gaming!


I can�t say I�m better than them. I just don�t feed into murder parties like this. I started playing video games when I was eight years old, long before the Jacques Todson Protocol. Had someone told me at the time that by choosing to play video games I was also choosing to be a cold-blooded killer, I might have thrown my controllers away and chosen to be a productive member of society. But my path in life was set before me and I could not deviate from it.

Sometimes I think back to those times and I�m nostalgic for them. But they were so much more complex. Now that we have all become enlightened, we don�t have to concern ourselves with the psychology of a murderer. We don�t have to worry about the contributing factors to their disturbed mental states. Before, we used to say that those people were desensitized to violence, or that they had long-ignored mental health problems. Those are pansy issues. It�s so much easier now that we can say without a doubt that violence and gaming go hand in hand. No evidence or proof is needed. It�s common knowledge!

Outside the expo, I�m confronted by protesters. They shout at me, �Stricter game control!� They don�t understand. I just use my games for self-defense. Of course, everyone is a perceived threat, so I use them often. But the point still stands.

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