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Attack of the Swag!

Today marks 1 week and 1 day the beloved program ,�Attack of the Show� went off the air for good. I have been experiencing What I like to call �Aots Withdrwal� since the show went bye bye.

I will admit, and I really don�t care if I sound sappy or nuts, but I feel so empty right now. I have been trying to fill in the void with healthy alternatives, like watching Porn, Drinking various beverages, imagining women naked, fapping, and even playing Video Games � all to no avail.

I would try drugs � But that is a slippery slope�plus, I have no idea where and how to score weed, and with my luck, I would fail tremendously.

So�I thought I would give talking about something really cool I got in the mail in the latter half of November 2012�..

During the last LIVE episode of �Attack of The Show�, several devoted fans who tweeted in to that show, got a �AOTS� Swag bag. Many got one of these grand packages, including yours truly.

I took pictures of the contents (and no there are no naked women):

And as you can also see � every one of them is autographed. How epic is that? Don�t be hatin� now.

And to answer the question buzzing around in some of your heads � I�m not selling them.

Big Shoutout to Rick Damigella for the extras goodies. You can follow him on Twitter @LinerNotes. Tell him PlayBoyMan sent ya.

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