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Puppy Bowl IX Preview

Puppy Bowl IX is just a week away so let�s get a good look at the competition

(Note: if you want to say goodbye to your productivity, just pull up the live look in stream found here

Name: Winston
Breed(s): Miniature Pinscher
Fun Fact: The cutest of the litter and one of the hungriest.
Isay Take: Cute and hungry? Those are the ingredients for success!

All in all, a deep field with a lot of skill out there. The snugglers are going to need to step up and play along or play great defense if they want to outshine their more excitable opponents. If Aurora shoots out of the gate, this game will be over quick. But if she struggles that could open the door for wild cards like Daisy, Fitz or Marta. Hopefully the ref swallows his whistle and just lets them play. In the end, sit back, relax and enjoy the game. There�s even going to be hedgehog cheerleaders this year!

Oh yeah I guess there are storylines for the actual Super Bowl as well
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