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Sex: Achievement Unlocked


I'm not trying to pick on anyone who likes these aspects of games, but for me they simply don't work. They are unappealing and take me out of the world I am trying to immerse myself in. If I don't desire an orgy in my real life I am sure as hell not going to desire it in a video game. It is a simple over looked concept.

I believe these sexual scenes in video games and the rewards attached to them further stereo type of men gamers. As a male gamer I am supposed to see sex as some sort of trophy. I am also suppose to be looking to have sex with more than one man or woman otherwise I am simply not manly enough. God forbid I like monogamous sexual encounters. Subtleties of sexual arousal seem to be gone in marketing they have forgotten sex isn't an achievement to be unlocked it is a normal part of human intimacy.
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