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Sex: Be Both the Virgin and the Whore

This is a lucky time for me because a rare occurence has happened were something I was going to talk about anyways just happens to be in vogue you could say.

Now before we go into the meat of the blog know that I'm talking about how women are normally represented when it comes to sex, sexuality, or what we men are told women have to be in terms of sex. Well less sex and more fucking. In fact this blog will use the word fucking alot.

To simply put there is a concept of being both the virgin and the whore that comes up when we talk about female character design. A combination of the trends known as infantilization were one makes something appear to a younger ideal and sexualization which hopefully is obvious.

In fact let's disect this with looking at one characters design that I think is a shining beacon to this concept.

Yes Rikku from the Final Fantasy series.

Now before you get up in arms I'm taking this as the character design from X-2 specificly was made only to appeal to the white/asain hetero males, the only demographic that seems to matter in games, desire for fucking. Don't give me any bullshit on characterization or anything that outfit was made to make a demographic go "Oh I wanna fuck that bitch" and then buy the game because they are horny and stupid. Also no it doesn't matter she is 15 because that just helps in the infantilization effect. Now we need to split our observations between the head and the body for that is were the two messages are sent.

Now what does this short skirt, no shirt, bikini top, thong wearing body say? Well it is the message that she can fuck, has fucked, done alot of fucking, fucks good, and will fuck again. It is an in your face message of being availible for you the demographics sexual desire. The body is the piece of meat and the developer is the local butcher.

Next there is the face. First there is the detail of her being a blond and as such adhearing to a westernized standard of beauty in what I call "The Sailor Moon Effect". This is mostly that all characters apparently have to look like attractive "white" women even if they are said to be of a different race.

Now what the face does is add another message to the bodies fuck message. It says that all the other stuff is true but that I'm so innocent and submissive that you could have a 2 inch cock and no stamina and still get me off. Basically that the sex is all for you and she doesn't need to feel any pleasure from it like a very lifelike sex pillow.

For you see men of the demographic, which I 80% apply too, can feel very insecure about their sexual ability so the face makes them not be scared off by the photoshop perfect bod. For more evidence of this effect just look at the majority of females in Dead or Alive.

See what I mean. The bodies of photoshop perfect 20 year olds with the faces of 14 year olds. Of course there is going to be an example that breaks every rule....

See if you take a character with a more normal for their age appropriate face like Bayonetta the message will change. The character looks way more in control of their sexuality and as I see it adds to the previous body message two factors. These being she contorls who she fucks and you better be able to meet her standard of fucking. No there is still a sex appeal to be sold of course but it isn't the "safe" method of the past.

So what is the point?

Well that female character design of women in games is still pretty much sending a shit message towards girls. A message that while not overt does say you have to be the submissive gender in terms of your sexuality. Of course I'm not saying all game makers intend that it is partial a fault of just growing with that as the norm.

So what do we do? Now I'm not going to say ban all hot characters or anything for that is crazy and impossible to 100% achieve. Still I think a call to action can be made.

A call saying let women be represented as beings in control of their body. Beings that aren't defined by their bodies. That neither the virgin or the whore exist... only people do.
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