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DLC, entitlement, business, and the spineless consumer (<That's you)

Money money money. Money talks. It's the only thing companies listen to. No, they don't listen to complaints in video game forums, they don't lurk the gamefaqs boards, they don't read the comments on Destructoid articles. They don't care about you. They don't. They care about your wallet. You are just another consumer. That's the truth. You know what companies I'm talking about: EA, Capcom, Activision.

But you know what happens if you complain about them, don't you?
Colin Moriarty calls you an "entitled" dick
IGN asks EA why people hate EA
Brenna Hillier calls you a neckbearded imbecile

Sure every once a while a good journalist will try to see things from the consumer point of view, but those are the minority. Because it's much easier to call you a dick, say that you're going to buy the game anyway, and call it a day.

There's also the issue with DLC. I'm not talking just about the "Disk locked" bullshit that Capcom and Bioware have pulled in the past. I'm talking about DLC as concept. Why are we, as a collective of gamers, OK with week 1 DLCs? Why are we OK with costume DLCs, extra character DLCs? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? I can't be the only one seeing how absurd it all is.

What happened to the days when unlockables were a given in every game? When extra costumes, characters and weapons[!] weren't hidden behind a criminal and absurd paywall? Why is it ok take such a huge step behind in consumer service?

Hell, what have you been doing about it? Gamers please, get angry. You should be pissed off. You really should. AAA companies have been screwing you for the past ten years, and you sit there doing nothing. Do something!
They love using piracy as a cop out excuse for shitty DRM and online passes, so why can't gamers use piracy as a means of protest?

Do something, do anything. How longer will you allow yourself to be pushed around?
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