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Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions-Kneejerk Grumpy Edition

So, just finished the demo and I'm feeling the need to write down my impressions right off the bat so apologies if this gets a little stream of conscious I'm just trying to slap these things down on paper before I do anything else. Mainly 'cos I've never done this before and I want a record of my initial thoughts, and partly 'cos I've completed the demo and the only thing on tv right now is New Girl and that never holds my interest. Yes I have no life.

First up as you can probably guess from the title this is purely an airing of my instant response to the demo so yeah don't take this as definitive. I'm intending to give it another play through...at some point...to see if I can balance this thing up a little or failing that see if my grievances are sustained.

Preamble over lets get on with the show...Oh and massive spoilers for the whole thing natch.


First up (again, I guess) I suppose the game is okay to look out, if you ignore all the lens flare thrown around in the outdoor sections and white would work as a contrasting colour (no spell check it does have a U god damn it!) a lot better if it had something strong to contrast with. Unfortunately the various shades of grey (gray?) just make the whole thing kinda washed out.


It has been said before but it is worth repeating: big, well lit open environments fail to scare. Employing them followed by a sequence set inside a dark tight corridor only telegraphs that any second now the scarey boogaboos will come a knocking. Never before did I feel that I could anticipate enemy appearances as much as I could with this thing. It killed any tension. Same goes for the moments of sudden-vision-obscuring-snow-storms-monster-go-boo!

Unlike this. This is fucking terrifying. The wings people. The wings.
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