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Seph�s Top 10 Devil May Cry Bosses


The other Son of Sparda is Dante�s twin brother, but their similarities don�t extend far beyond that. Dante�s brother Vergil was a brainwashed lackey to Mundus known as Nelo Angelo in Devil May Cry but we get to see Vergil in his prime in Devil May Cry 3, a prequel to the original. Vergil & Dante are presented as two sides of the same coin, similar yet still opposite of each other. Dante is cocky and foolhardy while Vergil is focused and resolute. Vergil is also the only being that can truly put the cartoonish red coated Son of Sparda in his place.

Like his Nelo Angelo alter-ego does in Devil May Cry you fight Vergil three times over the course of Devil May Cry 3, and each time Vergil brings something new (and deadly) to the table. It doesn�t really need to be said, Vergil isn�t a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination. Take everything you know about how hard DMC3 is and pretend it�s harder than even that � that�s how tough Vergil can be. The final showdown with Vergil at the end of DMC3 should be a visual book on how to do a final boss battle properly. Everything boils down to Dante versus Vergil in a final one-on-one showdown, no gimmicks attached, the fight is hard (but in a fair way), and the fight really pushes you to use everything you�ve learned in the game to its fullest.�

The buildup to this fight is done pretty well, also. Devil May Cry has never been a bastion of fantastic storytelling, but DMC3 really did a great job of putting Dante and Vergil on an inevitable collision course towards their final battle and it all comes together fairly smooth and organically � something DmC�s Dante versus Vergil showdown unfortunately couldn�t recreate successfully.

Hopefully this blog inspires you to go back and play some of the older games and relive some of these pretty fun boss moments. If you haven�t played the classic Devil May Cry games, well then shame on you! Seriously, go pick up the Devil May Cry HD Collection and Devil May Cry 4. You can get both of them for probably under thirty bucks.
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