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Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie Review


As we all know the game industry and the movie industry have never gotten along for the past 20 years. We have seen some of our favorite game series turned horrible movies on the big screen. But! In a sea of bad game movies, this is one of those rare gems that's surprisingly good. Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie was released in Japan as a strait to VHS movie in 1996 and was separated into two parts. Three years later, ADV films dubbed the movie into English, edited both parts together, and released the movie in North America on 9/9/1999 which is the same day SEGA released the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure.

The movie�s plot is loosely based on Sonic CD and includes characters from the first few games except Amy Rose. It also has appearances from some of the enemies in the game�s and new characters as well. The movie starts off with sonic and tails receiving a message from the president of the planet called "Freedom". He states that he needs to talk to sonic and tails about an urgent matter. When they get there they find Dr. Robotnik sitting in the president�s chair. Apparently Robotnik kidnapped the president and his daughter in order to get Sonic's attention so he can tell him something urgent. Robotnik tells him that Freedom is made up of two worlds called the World of Light and the World of Dark and goes on saying that long ago he �Peacefully� ruled the world of dark until Metal Robotnik came in and decimated all of his robots and took over. During the siege, Metal Robotnik shutdown the robot generator. Because of this, pressure is building up and if it is not stopped then it will cause a huge explosion that could possibly destroy the world. After refusing to believe his story, Sonic is finally convinced by Tails to go and stop the machine from exploding. Along the way they meet up with Knuckles and the trio set off to stop the world from being destroyed.

The movie is actually pretty good and because it was made before the series started to stagnate, it stays true to the classic blue blur that we remember. The voice acting is hit and miss; the voice actors for Sonic, Knuckles, & Robotnik do a really good job but, the voice for Tails is completely obnoxious. If you love the classic Sonic (and who doesn�t?) then I highly recommend this film especially if you�re a fan of Sonic CD since its plot is loosely based on it. What�s interesting about this movie is that it was made by Sega which really makes you think that maybe the game companies themselves should be making these movies. Hey, it worked for Capcom when they made the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Since the movie has been out of print for several years,the only way to watch it is on youtube, So I've taken the liberty of embedding. I hope you enjoy the movie and let me know what you thought about it in the comments.

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