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Seph�s 2012 People�s Choice Awards


I wasn't really that into the Max Payne franchise going into Max Payne 3, but holy shit I loved everything about this game. Imagine if Bruce Willis and Zack Snyder made a movie, but instead of a movie it was a completely sexy game. In fact, if you want, just consider Max Payne 3 to be the ultimate Bruce Willis simulator. Graphically Max Payne 3 is gorgeous and was worth the hefty install on my hard drive (all hail the master race). Gameplay is like if Die Hard and The Matrix both had sweet games made out of them and those two games then made sweet midnight love and had a baby.

If you're a fan of more classic action movies then Max Payne 3 is probably up your alley too as the plot is about a down and out ex-cop who ends up in a situation where seemingly the entire world is after him (and of course the only solution is bullets). While the story isn't told in the classic comic book styled format anymore, like the previous two Max Payne titles, it's all presented in a style that honors the original format. Along with that, I personally think the voice acting is pretty suburb in MP3 although it's slightly less hokey than Max Paynes of the past.

I've already noted the stellar airport shootout earlier in this blog, but I'll note that this game features plenty of other pretty fantastic action moments as well. Overall, Max Payne 3 was pretty handily my most satisfying gaming experience start to finish in all of 2012.

Closing ceremonies!

Honestly, I kind of felt like 2012 was a bit of a down year. However that's not to say that some quality games didn't come out. If you haven't played any of the games I've mentioned above, go fucking play them! They're awesome! Video games, people! Now let's welcome 2013 with open arms.
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