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A Story Of Survival in Don't Starve


Oh Klei, you bastards know how to make games I love. The Shank series, Mark Of The Ninja, something else that didn't involve blood and murder.... What was that game? Nevermind, doesn't matter. I am here to share my tales of playing Don't Starve. I've found it hard to describe exactly what Don't Starve is about other than surviving. "How does it play?" They ask, you click on stuff, use wasd to move and craft/combine items! "Oh..... cool." Where as Minecraft was easy to explain (you play with and mine 16-bit legos, build things and fight green monsters), Terraria as well (Castlevania meets Minecraft), Don't Starve is hard for me to sell folks on (besides the amazing art direction). It's hard to distill into words, why I love the game so damn much.

Instead of stumbling around and trying to find words I most likely don't have, I'm going to present you fine folks with a diary I've been compiling. This diary is a Frankenstein of different playthroughs and will not include who my secret crush is, or who the first boy I let grab my boobs was. It's a tale of avian murder, grass cutting, gold mining, grave robbing and not dying. Until I did, at which point I immediately started over. One thing I can tell you about the game, is the life/save system. You only get one life per playthrough. You can only save when you are quitting out of the game and can only load, upon starting the program again. Now, you can find or craft amulets, that revive you upon death. You can also build a meat effigy (If you play as Wilson), that does basically the same thing. Those amulets are hard to find and even harder to craft (same for the effigy, but that can ONLY be crafted). With that disclaimer out of the way, let's go!

Day #1

Alright, so this creepy old dude just poofs me into this meadow and here I am! WTF am I supposed to do? Damn creepy, young John Cleese looking mother fu- Hey, I can collect that grass! Oh look, flint! That will surely come in handy. Alright, time collect stuff.

After much collecting, I have a lot of carrots, sticks, flint pieces, tons of grass. Looks like a third of my daylight is gone... what to do? Lemme check this crafting menu... Oh, cool! I can make an axe and a pickaxe! NOICE!

I've chopped down about 8 trees and broken up a good 6 rocks. I now have a ton of stone, lumber and some gold. Let's check that menu again.... Ahhhhh a firepit! Let's make that, since night time is about to be here.

Got my fire built and found out I can kill birds with my pick axe or regular axe! Plus I can cook the meat over my fire, along with my carrots and some berries I found. After cooking and ingesting the food, I'm pleased to discover that cooked food, fills my hunger meter better than uncooked food. Decent and a nice touch.

Is that breathing from the edge of my camp? Yeah, I'm staying by the fire you stupid monsters. Kiss my ass.

Day #2

Upon looking at my crafting menu, before daylight hit, I made a decision to gather more wood, stone and of course food. But now I want to build a science machine to see what that is all about.

Wandering around looking for more stones, I discover a swampy area that has reeds I can harvest.


Holy crap. Not cool. How do I fight that?

Continuing my journey for stone. The days already half gone and I have a bunch of wood, but I still want some more stone. I better make my way towards camp, but I'll cut through an area on my map that I didn't go through before.

Woah, a group of pig men, living in outhouses! They all seem to be terrified of me though. I don't know why, they look pretty tough in their wife beaters. Dirty, but tough.

Back at camp. I built the science machine and am pleased to discover, that with science points, I can buy more crafting recipes for my menu! You just have to be by the machine, to do the research for them! How do I get research points though?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, you just put stuff into the machine. Not getting many points, but enough to research a spear weapon and a fishing rod!

Built myself a backpack out of grass and sticks. MOAR STORAGES YAY!

Day #3

Last night, I heard that damn breathing again. It was closer, but my fire was also lower than normal. I was running low on wood, due to all my building of stuff.

Researched making construction grade wood and finished stone last night, along with rope. Rope is made from grass and the other two use regular old wood and stone, so thats my mission today. Gathering more.

I head back towards the pigs. Give a cooked hunk of meat to one and I have made a new friend. He follows me as long as I feed him. Oh Piggy. I loves yous.

My new buddy helps me kill a small group of spiders for their silk. Now I can make my fishing rod and stop murdering poor little birdies....unless I need their feathers for something....

Another day of resource gathering and discovery almost at a close. Getting close to night time, need to hurry my ass back to camp.

Back at camp, but something grabbed my pig buddy on the way. You shall be avenged Professor Hocks.

Built an alchemy machine and now have a crap ton of stuff to research! Also have discovered that stuff you build gives WAY more research points, than stuff I find (with certain exceptions).

Day #4

Spent most of last night researching and building stuff. I need some farms for a constant reliable source of food. To build farms I need manure. Where the fuck do I get manure? Time to explore.

Checked the pig's outhouses and no luck, but I discovered you can destroy their house with a hammer! Woooooo! It yeilds, pig skin (I can build a helmet), building lumber and finished stones too! Nice.

Crossed the swamp. Found some of those tentacle arms, fighting with some spiders and pigs. Snuck by and stole all the silk and meat I could.

Found the ocean, nothing really cool about it, but it's there.

In another pasture now, surrounded by bee hives and bees. I think I'll NOT piss them off at the moment. I'm far from home and low on food (which also slowly heals you).

Crap its getting dark and too far away to return to my camp. I'm in a forest now though, so lemme grab some wood and make a camp fire. I'm close to the trees and hear that breathing again, hope whatever that damn thing is, it stays the hell away. Wish I was near the science machine. I haven't researched armor yet.


Day #5

Holy crap that was crazy. I burned down a whole hunk of forest. Had no idea.... I'll have to learn from that.

Next time.


That's a combo of my first three playthroughs. I've had many more since then and am on day #23 of my current playthrough. I'll probably post a few more of these blogs (at least one more for sure) because there are a couple more stories I'd like to share with everyone and it's a fun game to talk about. I hope this gives folks on the fence about it, more understanding of it and incentive to just buy the damn game. It's still in beta, but it is already a polished, complete experience. Buying it on Steam, gives you the game at a discounted rate and also gives you an extra copy to gift to your friends! The game is updated every two to three weeks and each update is accompanied by one of those lovely posters I put above. The newest update included the dreaded spider queen (she's a bitch) and I'll use that image to close this out. Until this weekend my friends.

I know the posters screwed up the flow, but I love these posters, so hard. This last one especially. The queen is so fucking terrifying. Especially since I didn't read the update notes or see the poster, before I ran into her. ALWAYS READ THE UPDATE NOTES FOR THIS GAME!
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