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Briskly Walking "The Line!"

So, that �Spec Ops: The Line� was quite the game, right?........Right?.......Ugh, sometimes I hate being me.

This is completely related to saving the Princess...trust me!

So honestly, while I won�t deem a game of lower quality because it�s short, some titles need extra game time to justify their existence. I can�t sit here and whole-heartedly recommend �Spec Ops: The Line� because I feel like it�s incomplete. It�s too damn short and leaves too much unexplained.

If I only simply had more time to feel the anguish that Captain Martin Walker was going through, maybe I�d be in love with the game. As it stands, it�s a very ambitious experiment, but one that ultimately doesn�t feel as impactful due to a sense of being rushed.
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