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First Thoughts After Seeing the XIII-3 Lightning Returns Trailer


I origionally posted this as a comment but I decided I'd repost it here with a bit more thoughts added. Also this is going to be just one long ramble so buckle up.

I don't know how to feel on this one. I didn't like XIII and though I tried to like XIII-2 the ending really prevented anything in it that seemed improved from being worth it. I guess part of it was the combat. To me the combat system in the two XIII games I've played felt like there should have been more control. Like when they started to develop XIII it was more action based mabye like a Kingdom Hearts game but someone altered it to make it more like the turn based combat of yester year because if not the first over 20 hours of that game would have just been the worlds longest beat em up. It mostly shows in how it feels like I should have been able to dodge area of effect attacks when my party would either be separated to avoid the pain or not at seemingly random. Now of course this game seems like it is having an altered battle system so maybe these issues will be addressed. Also I don't like how we are getting less and less main characters. From a whole group in XIII, two people plus Mog in XIII-2, and now just Lightning. Also it is called the final journey of Lightning when really it is just the second for she wasn't the star of XIII-2 despite what it seems the marketing claimed. Also the monologue really makes me worried there is going to be some poorly done relgious theme exploration in this game.

Also yeah I really don't like Lightning either. Less in a genuine dislike but more that she just doesn't really create any kind of blip on my rader. She is like a very bland peanut butter sandwhich. Sure you can eat it but it won't be memorable. So honestly it just seems to scream that she is the creator's pet with how much we see of her. Plus I don't really like the costume. I mean the sword shield combo and kind of a knight motif might work but it seems like two designs that someone poorly smashed together in my mind. Also what is with the glasses at around 1:14? I mean I'm a guy who likes his stylized sunglasses being a Gurren Lagann fan and all but they just don't work with that costume. Actually come to think of it the "you should know who I am" thing sounds almost like a dull suprise version of "Who the hell do you think I am". In fact alot of Lightning's dialogue sounds almost like her voice actor isn't even fully awake when reading the lines. That or just really bored. Good characters and narrative can save a game with average to below average gameplay. Yet with who we got the game is going to have to play like a mad wizards dream because I lack hope, speaking of I did some more looking around and it seems we have Hope as part of the supporting cast which doesn't make me feel better at all, that it will have much help from the narrative or characters to prop it up.

The city that the game itself will take place in just looks bland as all hell and not really memorable. Actually freaked my self out when first looking at it for it reminded me of the hub world from Sonic 06 and that is something I don't need to be reminded of. Mind you a story set in a more centralized location wouldn't be something I'd mind to much if we had interesting characters to explore instead but we really don't. It also seems like we suddenly ended up in a completely unrelated world to the last two games. Hopefully there will be more exploration and locations in the game.

Also we still have the same villian right? I mean last I checked the bad guy won at the end of the last game. So do we finally get to pound is unorigional, stupid, and annoying face in?

There is also supposedly upwards of 20 costumes for Lightning to have. From what I can tell these either incorperate a form of job system but they could bejust cosmetic. Hope they don't really try to explain it in story though for they tried that with the dress spheres in X-2 and that was just awful. I mean why does the summoner come back as a sphere creating a shiny dress? Still I wrote an awful X-2 review once and that isn't what we are here for.

Mind you when it comes to other JRPGs I still adimitingly like the Kingdom Hearts series and Dream Drop Distance was a good game (actually am I the only one reminded of the random gravity power Lightning had in the very begining of XIII when using the flowmotion combat?) and Xenoblade is fun with the utilization of the UK voice cast providing a unique experience to cutscenes. Nier for me was a case of the game is okay but I'd constantly think about the what the fuckery that was its prequel Drakenguard when and then I'd have to step back. Still at the same time a game were in your main character was a single father struggling to provide for his little girl gave a much more relatable and unique JRPG main character.

I know that was probably a really long read but I've just had a lot of thoughts going through my head after watching that trailer. Still I might update this or make another post when I know more information on the game.
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