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Back. Log.: Forward Progress

When we last left our hero, he had finished a couple of games from his backlog, let himself off the hook for fighting games, and put himself significantly on the hook for sports games.

It's been an interesting....shit, almost two months?....since my last post. I have manged to punch through some of the heavy hitters in my pile:

Call of Duty: MW3
Assassin's Creed

That brings my grand total of finished games to....6.


This is going to take longer than I thought.

Here are some quick thoughts on each of those games.


Very interesting dungeon crawler. Diablo never really appealed to me, but I must say I had a good time with Torchlight. In the interest of achieving the bare minimum to call a game finished, I only completed the main quest and a smattering of the side stuff. I think it's here that I developed my mantra for this quest: The credits rolled, dammit!


I enjoyed this so much that I did a little bit more than the bare minimum. I found myself completing side quests for the pure enjoyment of it. Enjoyment is something I should probably try to keep in mind more than I have been. If this thing turns into a chore than I am not going to get anywhere close to finishing my backlog.

I played Borderlands solo, mainly because no one I know would be currently playing it. I can't help but wonder if I missed out on anything by going it alone. I sure would have enjoyed having some help on that last boss. Fuck that thing.

I very much want to play Borderlands 2.

Call of Duty: MW3

I put this game on my Christmas list last year kind of mostly as filler. I didn't want it really bad, especially considering I have not played Modern Warfare 2, but I enjoyed the first one, and figured it would not be a bad game to get by any means.

So my Mom gave it to me for Christmas. And I didn't even take the shrink wrap off until April.

And didn't even put it in my PS3 until November.

But I'm glad I did. This game totally worked for me as a sit down, turn brain off, smoke some motherfuckers kind of experience.

I cheated a little bit here. I have this game on Steam. But I decided to play it on the Xbox 360. My brother-in-law owns the entire series on that platform, and I plan on playing all of them at some point, so I figured I might as well keep it consistently with one platform.

And maybe a small part of me wanted to do it on 360 to pad my gamer score. I am not immune to cheevos.

I fucking loved this game. Story-wise anyway. I can see why people complained about it, gameplay-wise. Shit is repetitive. It gets a little old after you've saved your billionth citizen and pickpocketed all the intel.

Still, jumping fools from behind is a little too satisfying.

Next time...

I expect the backlog will have grown a bit next time I write. Christmas is coming and I imagine I'll probably get a game or two. In fact, my backlog has already grown by one. I picked up The Walking Dead when it was half off on Steam recently. I've played the first two episodes and all I wanted to do afterwards was go hug my wife and cry a little bit. And I hear shit only gets more real as the game progresses.

I don't know if I am prepared for that.

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