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Women + Boobs = Bad Game? Wha???

When I say "WE", I'm not talking about just Women, or just Men, I'm talking about Gamers.

Yeah, I could've said "Both men and Women", but this is not a He/She issue, and I don't see Gamers like that anyways. If you can hold a controller, and have good hand/eye coordination, you are a Gamer - genetics don't matter. Hence, this is a Gamer Issue.

Remember the good ol' days of gaming, when a character in a game was just that - a character?
We didn't care if it was a man or a woman who was the hero; We focused on the fact that we were playing a good, challenging and all-around fun game.

What about that time when we all played "Metroid" (NES) for the very first time? Did we care if the hero had an "Innie" or an "Outie" in the crotch area? Balls no, I say (But yes, I was both surprised and stoked that Samus was a woman).

We were playing a good game. High reply value, good storyline, kick ass music, solid controls and even though we had a pause button so we could go to the bathroom, we kept on playing until our bladders couldn't hold out anymore....and yes, that has happened to me about 23 times since I've been playing games.

Yeah, video games are amazing...

...yet, nowadays, we are talking about that pressing issue that keeps popping up every time we turn around - Sexism.

A woman can and should be a smart character in a video game - but god forbid if she has a slim body and big boobs. Or long, sexy legs, or skimpy outfits.

Seriously, since when does Sexism hold any place in the gaming society? Since when is it wrong for a female video game character to show her sex appeal and her huge brain?

Why can't a Video Game Vixen be Smart AND Hot at the same time?

A good example is of the iconic Lara Croft.

Ever since the iconic "Tomb Raider" came out to the PS1 and PC, people were (and still are), charmed by this awesomely awesome treasure hunter/mystery seeker/puzzle solving heroine.

But over the years, even she (Croft), has been plagued with scrutiny for being too sexy from women and even some guys.


Why is that? What is so wrong with a woman showing sexual independence and intelligence all at once?

Why must it be one or the other? You can look hot, but you MUST be dumber than a box of rocks. On the Flip side, you can be smart as a whip that can travel to other dimensions, but you can't show off any skin.

The same thing can be said of lady gamers. They can be disrespected sometimes, and there are some guys who think they are just a pretty face, and suck at gaming. That's total BS.

What we, the gaming community is dealing with here, is a complex called the "Dumb Blonde" - a very old and highly outdated concept that so focuses on certain features or the body female, which is in turn part of the "You know what they say about Blondes/Brunettes/Redheads" Complex/Cliche. Goes Something like this:

If you are a Blonde, your brains are in your boobs.
If you are a Brunette, you are a cold and frigged woman, who relies on her brains, and not her body.
If you are a Redhead....um....I forget what they say about Redheads, but I'm pretty sure its not nice.

The Concept is dumb as hell. Since when does hair color have anything do to with a woman's intelligence? And please, I really don't want to entertain a "Study" or "Research" that proves hair color determines intellect. Those are biased anyways.

This Concept/Complex/Cliche, whatever you want to call it, has managed to sneak into our culture, and we just can't seem to avoid it. So, who put it there?

We did. The Gamers. And we need to stop that.

The main reason we gamers love the lady vixens is NOT just because of their bodies, we love the fact that they can kick ass and take names in video games. The Same goes for Lady Gamers. Face it: Lady gamers are cute and sexy, and they can play the hell out of video games - and that's cool beans.

To continue this stupid notion that a woman, real or not, must be either Smart or Sexy, but not both, must stop being commonplace amongst Gamers and the masses. If I see a sexy woman, I'm not thinking if she is dumb - I want to know how smart she is. I hope she is a smart as me.

And yes, I might fantasize about what she might look like I she was dressed up as Chun-Li, but that's not disrespectful to do so. And so this doesn't sound one-sided, women fantasize about men too, and that's awesomesauce. We're only human, and its our nature to do that. But getting back to the point at hand...

Finding an intellectual equal with an amazing body, is what I like and admire. We all want that. No "one or the other" crap. No man or woman wants a hot dummy. It's not attractive or sexy.

In the Gaming World, we, and when I say "we" a mean Men and Women, like our sexy Gamers/characters with big brains to go with the sexy bodies. There is nothing wrong or sexist with anyone admiring a sexy woman who can kick ass and stand up for themselves.

If you need Proof that gamers like sexy and strong women: look at all the funk raised about the New "Tomb Raider" game. It's all on Kotuku. You can read about it here if you want: http://kotaku.com/5965680/the-perilous-process-of-reinventing-lara-croft

I don't want to protect Lara Croft - I want her to solve puzzles and kick a ton of bad guy ass.
I've made my point many times as you have read this, but I'll make it plain and simple: "ALL GAMERS WANT A WOMAN WHO IS SMART AND SEXY." Accept it. It is what it is.

Thanks for reading.
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