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It�s not just that I rogue-LIKE you. I rogue-LOVE you!

Two thousand and twelve has been a phenomenal year for a lot of things: Getting a politics, doing the stock market on a thing, punching people on your way to best buy. It�s all great and varied and disgusting and human. But one thing this year has thrived in a big way for me, the Rogue-like. That mysterious sub-genre of strategy/action rpg quick fire heroin that has skirted in and out of the mainstream since the early nineties.

Having begun years ago with games like DnD, and the game from which the genre name spawns, �Rogue� itself, we�ve seen leaps and bounds graphically, and in terms of content and style of gameplay. I personally would rank this SUB-genre above many other genres over all� like MoBAs and� Rhythm Games. Displaying a level of audacity as to throw death in the players face across many generations and platforms is a fun and exciting process to watch, but only in the last year have I really been able to sate my thirst for the magnificence of randomized levels and slowly unlocking player classes to die as.

As it stands though, within the realms of the infamous rogue-like genre, death is not wall in your journey. Death, is a doorway. It takes you by the hand through a dungeon or deserted Tokyo fairway and says �Come. I am but only the beginning.� Also while it�s saying this it�s doing an impression of famed jewish comedian, Gilbert Gottfried, so it�s well funny and all that. Anyways, so Gilbert takes your hand and you die, be it by way of goblin, or walking totem pole, or devil goat. Then you get up, only you can get up as an assassin this time, because you killed forty elves. Killed them right on their stupid face. It is for this reason that to me, death is put right on its head in a rogue-like, and it becomes difficult in those genres to ever feel like you really failed in any significant way.

So let me introduce to you, my top five Rogue-likes of the past few years. I have wasted many a life throughout the denizens of these dungeons, cities, and plains. I hope you get to as well.

Desktop Dungeons (PC)

As always, thanks for reading!
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