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SELF PORTRAIT: Dynasty Puzzle Warriors X Nemesis

As always...I cannot decide

Me Moai

"It's not whether I win or lose, just as long as I piss you off!"

Absolutely nothing is sultrier than a Puzzle Fighter-Gem, swollen to gargantuan proportions and ready to shatter into your opponent's face. (choke on it Devilotte, please do choke).
You apply constant pressure while preparing for this very last and very sweet moment of releasing steam. A not too utterly veiled ambiguity I totally approve of.

Nevertheless, I think that it I'd like to conclude this with a vague, half-baked Space Odyssey analogy now (because: monoliths had been mentioned).

Apart from functioning as a symbol for swollen male genitalia, Puzzle Fighter-Gems obviously represent the postmodernist fragmented indiviual under the influence of information society and the entertainment industry. Multifacetd, colorful and bloated, yet focused and in a state of flow.
A genuine spacechild (or something).

Me me me!

(I am little fascinated by myself right now - all in all this turned out to be a little heavy on the dick-side. What exactly is it the cosmos wants to tell me here?)
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