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Hotline Miami: A Tour Through Cyndi Lauper's Rectum

I�m gonna kick this little number off by saying the same as what a lot of other people are saying about this game. It�s awesome. I�m going to use other words or phrases to describe it in this discussion like� glitz-jizz, guttural, and a literal neon enema.

When I found out that plastic animal masks were how you gained certain attributes throughout this terrific turquoise tilt-a-whirl, I knew I had to play. I've had a deep love of masks ever since the end of high school when I started messing around during my down time with liquid latex. I�m sure there were many in my senior art classes which thought I was going to be seen on some kind of Hallmark movie involving a victimized house wife and several cans of spray paint before heading down death-row.

Here are a few small pieces I've worn or created in the past which more or less exemplify my love of covering your face with badass.

Thanks for reading!
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My name is Bill Tate.

I will tell you a few things, I love video games. More importantly than that. I love video game ART.

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I've studied game art for a long time now. During my secondary education I considered working in the industry under that field as a career path. While I've determined that might not necessarily be for me, I will do something which I've developed sort of a knack for along the way, talk. I love talking to people, also I love talking to people about stuff. And what is more fun than to write and discuss the STUFF you love most?

So, long story short. I'm an art-nerd-man-thing.

If reading about the art direction for various video games and game industry trends interests you, then you're in the right place!

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