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Three ways the Wii U could meet its match

Nintendoís new console is officially out there, and I still feel nothing. That actually makes me kind of sad, because I use to get excited about things I am not even buying. This leads me to two possible conclusions: either there might be something wrong with the Wii U, or thereís something wrong with me.

I think the guy who did this had to open a very large door. On drugs.

With tablets like the Wikipad we saw before and consoles like the Ouya, a very interesting ecosystem of devices with Android, for example, could be originating. Therefore, we could start seeing new consoles that run Google Play and support Cross-Play with any android tablet or smartphone. Hell, we even have Smart TVs now, so maybe we could see some of those get some kind of compatibility. Letís dream some more: a Nexus TV that runs Android. See the possibilities?

Then thereís Apple. A lot of rumors have been around now saying that the company is cooking something big for the gaming industry, because it wants in. Besides that, rumors of a TV have been pretty strong too, lately. I can easily imagine one that runs the App Store and every game in it. Then, your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch can join in to completely change your gaming experience, in kind of the same way the Wii U is hoping to.

The good news for Nintendo in this one? Well, 90% of this is probably just in my head, for starters. There just doesnít seem to be a straight plan, or anything solid for the moment. However, itís there. And though it may seem a weak argument for most of you, Iíll say it just as I said it before: technologyís like that.

Closing upÖ

Whether you might believe it or not, Iím a big fan of Nintendo. Thatís probably the reason why Iím being so critic about them, but I just simply canít see the Wii U as a strong case. There are just too many good things happening out there. That being said, I honestly hope I just talked a lot of nonsense (I think I just did), because I really want Nintendo to succeed.
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