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Nostalgia-less: Unbiased from Unhappy

So I�d just like to start off by saying I�m not writing this to piss anyone off, step on anyone�s toes, or to point any fingers at embarrassing third-nipple-like appendages that readers may or may not have. I�m simply stating a different way of looking at the universe. I try to remain as objective as possible when I think about writing and reading editorial material from myself and others. I believe this makes a harmonious and intellectual basis for discussion once the subject matter has been analyzed. Sometimes I check objectiveness at the door though for the sake of a passionate article. I�m going to share some personal stuff in this about how I came to where I stand on gaming, and hopefully it�ll help you guys understand where I�m coming from in future articles.

I am an avid video game enthusiast. But I cannot stand Mario or Zelda, or any of the games associated with them from the nineties, and I believe sometimes that this disconnects me greatly from a vast number of the gaming populous.

So, next time you�re angry at the color of Dante�s hair, the fact that �they�re� rehashing your favorite game for the 10th time, or that you simply just �want them to make games the way they used to.� Consider how far we�ve come, and how society makes progress in the first place.

And if you�re like I was, and you�re still waiting to find your nostalgic �console-parents.� Stop looking. You�ve already won the battle by surviving this long. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

I�m curious though, did any of you ever feel the same? Or the opposite? I�m interested to hear about your stories of love and betrayal throughout your lives in regards to your favorite video game mascots!

(Also, my apologies for the terrible photo quality.)

Thanks for reading!
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The Artistical

My name is Bill Tate.

I will tell you a few things, I love video games. More importantly than that. I love video game ART.

(I'm actually still not sure if it's more important. I need to get some fact checkers in here on that.)

I've studied game art for a long time now. During my secondary education I considered working in the industry under that field as a career path. While I've determined that might not necessarily be for me, I will do something which I've developed sort of a knack for along the way, talk. I love talking to people, also I love talking to people about stuff. And what is more fun than to write and discuss the STUFF you love most?

So, long story short. I'm an art-nerd-man-thing.

If reading about the art direction for various video games and game industry trends interests you, then you're in the right place!

A little about me!

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