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A Little About Me: The Narcissistic Gamer

Disclaimer: I am a very blunt person. If that wasn't obvious enough.

This is one of my all time favorite games. I'll never forget it.

I'm the new guy on the block. I know. There's not too much known about me atm but i'm here to fix that by enlightening you on who I am and why games matter the most to me. For starters, i'm an 18 year old adult male who lives in a state that swings. I hope you enjoy figuring out what state i'm in but it shouldn't be too hard. It really isn't. My name is also Matt so you can call me it if you wish. I'd prefer it over my username.

Let me just say that I have been a gamer since I was young. I would say that it has had a major impact on my life as I didn't exactly have a social life when I was younger due to how people treated me when I was younger. Games helped me get through the rougher parts and always have been there for me in one for or another. I'd also list movies in that category as well. Both major influences on how I grew up. I wasn't normal after all and i'm still quirky in some ways which has made me unique in some aspects and worse in others.

I should really begin now with why games were influential to me. Back in 1st grade, I didn't have really any friends to name. I was one of those kids who was alone for a majority of my free time in the playground. I understood that I wasn't liked it any form but I survived. I survived because at the time games were around me. Games let me leave the reality that everyone hated me. It rewarded me when others would taunt me or take away something I loved. It allowed me to understand the benefits of trying to get something and being able to get it. I might not have had much to strive for but I was still in my adolescent then.

You wonder what I played? My Nintendo 64. That thing became my best friend because at the time I didn't have someone to talk to who was like minded as me. I didn't talk to my N64 if you were wondering but you know...it could have been that way. I played lots of different games. Some of the games I played was Rocket: Robot On Wheels which made me love games that were puzzles and had me always on my feet. The other games I played was traditional platformers like Mario 64 which was the most played game. I smiled whenever I hit that menu with Marios face which I could manipulate. I think I fell in love with Mario alot then as well as the actor himself, Charles Martinet, who I am a big fan of.

I own these books still. They haven't been touched since Jr. High but I still have them.

Being someone who plays games, I didn't get much respect from any or much of my peers. I had always been the type who enjoyed the lore of games and the gameplay was an added bonus in most cases. Being in 5-6th grade at the time, I only had a small group of friends who would ever acknowledge me as a person. A person and a gamer. We talked games. We only ever talked games. I don't believe we ever diverged off games except on a few occasions. That was my life then and only one friend ever came out as the one who i'd still talk to now and quite honestly in the future if life allows it.

Jr. High hit and I was as big of a gamer as ever. I was just obsessed. I didn't really know too many games at the time but I played quite a few games. The games that were on my play list was San Andreas, Vice City, Halo, Halo 2, CoD3, and many more. I had my own table with a group of friends but that eventually diverged to just me and my friend being the odd ones out. At that lunch, i'd always bring in my Halo book and we'd discuss the lore of the game. We'd discuss Master Chiefs successes and some of the best tactical ship strategy that i've ever read. This was a majority of my year but I read those books just so we could discuss the lore. Lore is my favorite and Halo made me love it.

High School thereafter hit. My freshmen year. My first two years of my high school career were questionable. I played games alot then as well but I didn't have my best friend by my side to talk to. I had friends that I was starting to like and we were Nintendo nerds at heart. We brought our DSs in and played Pokemon. We discussed movies and games and whatever we could find relevant. This was another questionable moment in time as what was said at our little table is for another day. Or another dimension.

This was my life for a year. My computer. It allowed me to understand who I am as a person while dealing with the real world.

My Junior year hit and I hit the time where I lacked actual access to my favorite past time for over a year. I still had access but not in the form I wanted to. I was stuck strictly to 3DS games at the time as I bought one around Christmas time when 3D Land released. Internet? I only had the 3DS. That year I spent my time browsing the interwebz on a 3DS. Beast right? Destructoid and RPS became two of the sites I frequented during that period where I couldn't play many games. I was limited. I didn't dislike it though as it allowed me to understand myself and get back with Nintendo for another go.

I didn't regain access as a PC gamer until I had the chance to work to the bone for it. I had to raise the money over the summer by working for roughly a month and a half at a job which had me on overtime a good 1/3 of the time I worked. I worked 2nd shift so I got paid slightly more on top of my typical hourly rate. This allowed me to save up money in my checking till I could afford a rig worthy of my favorite past time. Gaming and some other stuff you won't find out about till in the future. I returned back as a PC gamer and was finale able to say that I could do what I had longed to do for a year. Play games.

I had a backlog which mostly consisted of Saints Row: The Third and Skyrim. There was a few others but those were my main two. I still haven't beaten The Third though i'm roughly 80-85% complete with that and have completed a full run through Skyrim. One of the smaller titles i'm still playing is an older Ubisoft release which I played alot when I played my 360 which was Rainbow Six Vegas 2. This could be accounted for me loving tactical gameplay and Tom Clancy. I read his books. That might have influenced me too.

There's alot more about me I could say but i'll make top 10-15 things about me that I didn't list here. There's alot and I don't feel I have the energy to type it all out in one go especially since Youtube is up and I have yet to finish watching a video by my favorite gaming commentator. So I shall end it here and hope you enjoyed the read about me.
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