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The Reno Video Game Symphony Jazz Band!

Yesterday, the Reno Video Game Symphony performed a concert. As director, I have overseen the members of this group spontaneously create new ensembles before, but it is always magical to see how quickly and efficiently veteran and noob musicians can whip things together when given an opportunity.

Without further ado, our latest cabal...the Jazz Ensemble! A little rough around the edges, but tons of heart.

I enjoyed the opportunity of being in the audience, and it got me thinking about what is special about video game music performances. My favorite shows are intimate, and very few performers int he world today are capable of creating real intimacy with a large crowd. It is special when you get to be in a small room with musicians that have put a lot of themselves into music, no matter how technically excellent the music is performed. I think concerts are all about human connection, and I am always ecstatic when I get to see all the rehearsal required to make a concert turn into real feelings for a group of people in a room together. When it's all created by a bunch of people that I personally mentor and motivate, it just gets me all puppy-eyed.
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