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How I realized the FIFA series is actually not that good


They never get the nose right

Yeah, all games have glitches and problems; but the thing is, the developers here have a chance every year to fix them. They don’t. I’ll speak for FIFA 12: I personally lost interest in the career mode as soon as I realized how much time I was spending in the menus and not playing. And OK, maybe some out there do like to spend time on the menus, yet for them I can still imagine the experience being a little frustrating. Again, the loading times are just ridiculous, as well as the menus being unpractical. Then I tried with Ultimate Team, only to be limited again by how unpolished the mode was. Basically, the game unintentionally gave me so many obstacles I just quitted. Then there’s that Game Face I could never make right (not even in FIFA 10) because it would appear with some deformed feature that was, I tell you, not mine. There’s also that time I made a couple of manual changes to some clubs in order to keep them a little more up to date. When I returned to the game the next time, I found almost all teams with random players. Had to go back to default squads and lose all I had done. Then, the inconsistent difficulty. Against the AI, I always won like 5-0. Then I go to the next level, Professional, and lose every time. Ok, that’s a common mistake in games, but then no one tells me how to improve, and the tutorials don’t say much.

Now, the worst part? They don’t really care about it. They sell. Just read this IGN article about how EA had to release a patch for FIFA 13 because of the absurd amount of glitches it had, or maybe this one that confirms that, for the Wii and PS Vita versions, they just grabbed the previous game and released it as a new FIFA. Oh, I also forgot to mention how they didn't release a patch for the Vita version because you know, they’re not going to do it for those three guys who bought it.

Ultimately, I’m not saying that they are bad games. They are fun to play, especially with friends. What I’m saying is that they’re not that good. They’re mediocre, regular; nothing we should be very excited about and certainly, something that should work better for $60 a year. FIFA is still the best option out there, though, because any other franchise that has “soccer” on its name doesn't deserve respect.

Now consider if “borrowing” FIFA 13 from Tim is really worth it.
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