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My Favourite Movies (as they vaguely relate to video-games!) (�NVGR)


Video-game it is(n�t actually) similar to: Ah, fuck it. None! There doesn�t have to be! Videogames are and can be great for completely different reasons than movies. Comparing them can be good when the comparison is apt, but just comparing them all the time is pointless. And further, it�s a waste of a videogame�s potential if it just seeks to emulate movies. �Aw, shucks, what a valuable lesson we�ve all just learnt! :) �>_>

So, this is a great movie to watch after you�ve seen The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and other such movies. They set your expectations. Clint Eastwood�s character, older now, recalls stories that you can easily imagine in those films. But when I reached a key scene in Unforgiven, I was completely blown away by how different in tone it turned out to be. And ultimately I ended up liking it just as much as tGtBatU, finding it just as perfect, but in a completely opposite way. I consider them now companion pieces.

And that�s all! Hopefully this wasn�t too badly a regurgitation of what I wrote on my IMDb list (which is way longer). And hopefully I�ve piqued someone�s interest on a few weird-ass movies.

And feel free to recommend me some movies I guess, if you want. Occams recommended me �Visitor Q� a while ago which is now the most disturbed thing I�ve yet seen.

Anyways, I won't have reason any more to post about not-videogames for a while now.

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