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Tokyo Jungle is A Casual Mobile Game

Tokyo Jungle is a casual game. A player can play Tokyo Jungle in short bursts and level up their animals or play for anywhere between twenty minutes to two hours maxing out animal's challenge lists. In either scenario, the gameplay remains the same.

By highlighting that Tokyo Jungle is a casual game, by no means should a negative contrast be made. Casual games can be very successful and fulfilling gameplay experiences that excel in a low to mid range of difficulty and often feel rewarding. Casual games are defined by several short and pleasant experiences that you can have many times over. Games like Burger Time, Tiny Tower, even The New Super Mario Brothers excel in delivering a short, sweet, casual experience.

Tokyo Jungle has a lot of qualities that define it as a game that could do very well on IOS platforms. Tokyo Jungle also has a control scheme and focused gameplay experience which could be suited for even the PSP and Vita platforms. The simplified controls and unvaried locals could do well on any touchscreen multimedia device.

With all of the available DLC being taken into consideration, Tokyo Jungle costs around $25. Sadly it suffers from the 2kb to 2mgb DLC unlock codes of several games before it. That's sad because those animals - sounds, models, and animations are already in the game. Not only do they appear on the selection screen but many of them appear in game zones as enemies as well. This fact is both frustrating and unfortunate as a gamer and consumer.

Something about Tokyo Jungle screams 'modern mobile gaming', but that isn't what it is. It is, if anything, a budget title at best and at worst an over priced downloadable console game.
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