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Omega: Isn't this the DLC we should be upset about? (ME3 spoilers)

DLC is one of those things that everyone seems to have an opinion on, and the more vocal side seems to be negative. The biggest focus recently has been "day one DLC," with many people arguing that this is content that has been withheld from the full game, and that if it's ready to play on the day the game is released it should be included for no extra charge. For my part, as long as the DLC does not feel like it's been noticeably ripped from the game, day one DLC does not bother me. It can be a good incentive to convince people to preorder the game or buy the special edition. It's when that content feels like, for whatever reason, it was removed from the game or should have been in the full game that I think a problem exists.

I'm sure that Omega was scrapped from the game due to time constraints or some limiting factor. The fact remains, however, that it feels like it should have been there. You start the mission but never finish it. For my own part, I can't bring myself to pay $15 for a mission that was noticeably absent from the main game. I sincerely hope, however, that the return to Omega is as awesome and enjoyable as can be.
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