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Who is this "PlayBoyMan" ?

I just realized that I have blogged twice, and didn't even tell you about myself first.

Let's correct this, shall we?
The name is PlayBoyMan - and yes the P,B and M in my name are meant to be capital at all times; It's my signature style, And it looks better than 'playboyman' and 'Playboyman'.

I am a gamer. I have been playing Video Games since I was 4. Hell, My mom played Video Games while I was still in her womb. Some say, I have my mother's gaming thumbs - and they are correct.

The fetish has a number of variations, but for me, I just like em' big - real big. Bigger than Ivy Valentine from SoulCaliber. Big Boobies, ftw!!

But not to worry: I promise that as long as I am on DToid, I'll keep it clean - this is a great community, and I don't want to toss NSFW content everywhere.

But, do expect cleavage now and then, maybe a little innuendo - all tasteful of course.

Moving on, I also enjoy Blogging. I have about 5 blogs that I'm managing atm - 6 if you count this one. I can manage it though - 3 of them are based on my fetish, 1 has podcasts that I do, and the last two are for reading.

Let's see, what else is there? Let me think....um...that's about it. I am PlayBoyMan. I likes Gaming, Boobies and being a cool dude.

Pleased to meet you.
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About PlayBoyManone of us since 11:05 PM on 04.30.2012

I'm that Gaming/Blogging/Moving Watching/ Indie Game Making dude on the Twitter who LOVES BIG BOOBIES !! Not to worry, I'll behave myself on Destructoid...And I will be bringing the funny.

PSN ID:R_typr_lover
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