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raw overtly privileged egotistical and sensationalist profanity

You guys are right, people who don't have publicly recognized unions aren't really married. Because you need to be married through the state to be in love.

How many gay unions or marriages are happening publicly as a form of protest?
How many gay couples hold hands through their bigoted and highly weaponized city centres?

When was the last time 1, 000, 000 people got together - actually travelled somewhere to protest - and refused to leave until something happened on a federal level? Fuck actually going someone, let's just open up Facebook and forums and bitch on the internet - because NOTHING says ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST like NOT ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING.

Gay Marriage is a moot issue. Why do people want social or government confirmation of their union? Does it mean more to them if it has some form of affirmation outside of their friends, relatives, and supporting parties? The roots are in the public acknowledgement and declaration of a MATE or life partner. But basically it's, "Here's a token to tell the world we're only going to have sex with each other, everyone see this ring going on their hand? This shit is binding. I can't wait to sign that piece of paper that changes my tax bracket. Fucking eh!"
It's the forming of a legally recognized corporation. Sounds more like something a guy does to assure a woman things will be ok, because if they don't turn out OK he'll spent the next 6 to 18 years paying her for having had sex with her, not to mention she'll probably end up with their house or car in the process. Two woman or two men, I would think - would be above needing to form a corporation because love is stronger than indoctrination. Or maybe it isn't.

The whole argument that women are paid less for the same work men do, really? Are they LEGAL RESIDENTS, because if so then that's fucking bullshit and there are larger problems than 'equal rights in the work place'. Where are the open-social fucking ACTUAL and physical protests for better labour laws? What, are we all living 1890's Russia? Form a fucking union. Oh I'm sorry, you can't do that, you might get fired. Really? Sorry living in the states is so cut throat, didn't realize everyone is OK with their government fucking them up the ass all the time. It's funny how that works isn't it? Buggery is illegal - but the government can fuck you any which way, and the general public just has to take it because who wants to be homeless and broke. - which everyone is anyone because the system can easily make ANYONE destitute. But that's fine who cares.

Being black doesn't make you "suspicious". "Being black" is all about how you dress and act. If you're talking about "real niggas" - yeah, those kind of mother fuckers are suspicious, because they think the lifestyle in rap music is the most exciting business venture since 'war-bonds' and 'capital gains margin' became cool words all the under privileged school yard children said to themselves in the class room, instead of outside pretending their either going to be a professional athlete or rap super star. Better drop out of school and work a minimum wage job or two. It'll make life easier for the family - not like the parents stayed in school. No, they had four kids they couldn't hope to support and have the education of a grade 7 drop out - because that was what THEIR family needed and it's obviously what they think is best for their children as well.

Transgender people don't need to tell anyone their transgendered.
"I don't know what my genitals are supposed to be, where do I fit in?"
You fit in where you look like you fit in, if you have the face of a boy and you were named Charlie - even though you have a vagina and your voice is higher than a four year old on helium, use the boys bathroom. If you get beaten up - hopefully your parents are smart enough or love you enough to press charges they'll see you don't get bullied. If your name is Monica and your voice is deeper than George Clooney's and you have a micro penis where a clitoris should be, go to the girls bathroom and take your shit. As far as being told "be yourself" which is a confusing and derailing message for transgendered children, really? Since when are kids shown pictures of a penis and a vagina at the same time in a classroom with the teacher standing between them shouting, "If you don't have one or the other - you're a fucking freak in the eyes of god and nature." It doesn't happen. Studies suggest more kids who have alcoholic parents or parents who put outlandish expectations on their children - end up a lot more fucked up than any other kind of kid. What study? The suck my dick and use REFworks study.

Equal rights and being equal are separate topics and totally different issues and ideas.

On one hand you have people sending T-shirt to Africa to cloth all the little black babies growing up in AIDS and MALARIA infested west Africa - on the other hand you have the total destruction of textiles happening.

On one hand you have food being distributed - on the other you have no one trying to farm.

On one hand you have people with moral high ground and access to the internet - on the other you have no one leaving their fucking computer chairs when shit should be hitting the fan if real issues arise.

Social media can get shit done - sure - but only if people are actually motivated. How about that KONY 2012 thing. You could hear the sound of tens of millions of people shuffling their asses in their chair. It was a lie and fraud champagne sure, but it was a fucking cascade, "Someone needs to do something" and indifference.

Timmy love Tom and Tom like The Legend of Zelda and wants to attend E3. Timmy doesn't think he'll be comfortable in that setting, walking around with Tom's hand around the head of his penis. "I know!" thought Tom, "We'll have our own convention of video games! Just for gay people." Timmy asks Tom what is on his mind, Tom begins to give him sexual pleasure - in their Mississippi flat.

The next morning Tom wonders why Zelda is always in distress, and why Link never needs to be rescued by her. Tom them realizes life isn't worth living and cuts his own head off with the oven door. Because sexism is in video games and gay people can't hack out a living in states that outlaw homosexual unions which are recognized by the government for tax purposes. With Tom's death no Tomb Raider game had a depiction of a woman with a cup size larger than C. GTA 5 had DLC where the protagonist is a middle ages slightly obese woman named Betty. Drakes Uncharted 4 has a sex scene which is initiated by a masculine woman. And Psychonauts 2 is released which depicts transgendered and homosexual couples going about their business. Also, Cooking Mama on the WiiU is all Vegan recipes.

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