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you stupid fucking cunts

Everyone wants a revolution without a revolution.

It's always seemed odd to me that there is a 'Black History Month', or that certain people have days or special events named after them. What in the fuck do 'black people' need a month to declare their history? Oh that's right, because the logic is so that if you present an ethnic idea any opposition is racist by default. Feminism topic? Sexist. Sexually related topic? Could be considered sexist but usually bigotry.

Just fucking live how you want to live and don't ask for recognition or self affirmation. I'm sorry, I'm blind to race and sexual orientation, maybe because I've grown up in the culturally diverse universe of Canada, or maybe because I'd grown up beside gay people and have never really thought anything of it. Maybe it's this blindness that motives ignorance to what an issue 'these topics' are in some regions, specifically in the states. Because it sounds like sexuality and race relations are the mother fucking world war 3 of North America. Look outside your window if you're a US resident, are there gay people being thrown in the middle of the road and shot? Where are the school fires and hospital bombings because inter-gendered-bi-racial people go to these places???

I don't care what area of the world you are in, sexual orientation and your fucking genetic background DOESN'T MEAN FUCK ALL. And that's the truth. A persons lifestyle shouldn't mean a damn thing to anyone else, who is saying it does - the media? Self-entitled fuck-wads who are just fucking everything up for people who just wanted to fucking fit in, which should be the natural reaction and choice. NO. You can't just fit in, everyone has to gawk at you so you feel fucking segregated. Black mother-fucking history month?!?! Where the fuck is the history month for every other colour of the rainbow or denomination of religion or fucking skin tone??? WHERE ARE THEY?! We'd need to make up new days of the week and months just to fit every word in the dictionary in! Can't leave any individualised person behind!

Woman, feminism - it isn't an issue for video games or media. Call it the zeitgeist or spirit of the times, or whatever the hell you want, but don't just scream out, "The world has problems so fuck you.". Alarming people isn't a bad thing, not if it can bring attention to an actual issue with dream-able solutions, alarming is a good thing - a great thing in fact. Pretty much ever TED-Talk ever recorded is all about alarming people without offering solutions, because it motivates solutions or in the least, ideas. But going on and on about a problem, without any sense of stopping or a real focus on an actual issue, it's just noise. Look at the YouTube atheist movement/explosion, it was only a matter of time before it was trite, what the fuck did they think was going to happen? You can only give so many half-assed lectures on the platypus before people stop to THINK and realize you're not hearing anything new. Here's a biology lesson for you - Kangaroos piss, shit, and give birth out of one hole and male kangaroos have their penis behind their balls. Do you feel closer to the universe?

... Just integrate. Why do you feel so special that you need the attention from anyone and everyone? Just live your life. If people kill you or hurt you, just press chargers or something. Like really, just live your life. Cars can explode when you turn the key in them, people live with risk all the time.

There is only one solution for social acceptance to be possible - BUY WEAPONS.
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