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The Next Generation Console - S.a.F. Edition

Star Trek The Next Generation was just as big a crock as any in the franchise. I'm no trekky so fuck talking about Star Trek. *not that I don't like it, because shit, I'll watch some Star Trek, whatever.

The next generation of consoles, it's an interesting thought - it motivates creative people to dream up idiotic concepts and make silly suppositions about processing power and customizability - if at all any.

The problem with the discussions surrounding new consoles is always the same, basically speaking - no one has any fucking idea what they are talking about half the time this includes the people behind the projects, the R&D all the way to the C.E.O. everyone of them has no fucking idea. Shit's a fucking dolphin. Look at the PS3, it had a fucking crescent moon -boomerang- controller at one point. Not to mention a lack of force feeback - due to patent conjecture. The PS3 slim is really the most solid concept of the device, but lets face it, besides form the funky looking grey/black exterior, what is a ps3? It's a fucked up computer designed with graphics processing in mind sure, and maybe some other silly things. But it's a metal case with computer parts, dressed up a bit. It isn't even really about video games. Just like cell phones. If you have one I'm sure it doesn't just dial and call number. A heck of lot more, even the Kycero Melo can do more than just call people. Video game consoles are the same way in terms of a central function which has branched out into many different uses, just to be useful or just because. They go online, you can use them to chat, sync up with social networks, buy digital content, rent content, media sync with your computer - share photos, publish to the internet, etc. etc. etc. In fact in the most awkward way possible, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have all taken functionality OUT of their consoles. PS3's were being booted with Linux, 360's were being used as debian servers, Wii's were being turned into robots *still are but whatever it's a cool fact.

The new generation is going to bring more of the same I'm sure. With a step back on the end of their controllers, by which I mean - the corporate controllers behind each console. Because believe me, their game is in controlling the shit you think you control. Which is a little meta, so fuck that. I ain't talking meta shit. But they may step back again from functionality.

Anyway, the next generation is going to bring gimmicks, features, higher capacities, a little back tracking, maybe some crossover support, and games. Of course. But like the last generation, the most recent to be reaching it's peak, the plinth of it's inception into the electronic entertainment market - the games are here and we're all ready to play. In fact, we have been playing them for a few years now but the problem is it took a few years for them to get here.

Look at the PS Vita. Where in the fuck is the support for that? Look at Blu-Ray. It took over two years for corporate mother fuckers to check their shit and make Blu-ray the new format. Will there be another format war? Probably not. Blu-rays are going to be around for awhile. The format is efficient and the devices that run it are smart, the can stream netflix and shit so they have the multi-purpose scope going for them, DVR recording capabilities, etc. Lots of things. There isn't going to be a format war by any means but big companies are going to be more competitive with each other. Why? How? The business is still growing, the revenues keep going up, and despite concerns about piracy - billions are being made. Those billions are meticulously counted by corporate accountants who make sure that the reinvestments don't go half hazardly into the brink of total annihilation, no. They want to see their money with a heavy respiration, deep breaths out and in pulling and pushing even larger amounts with each passive expression..

The consoles? Their going to be stupidly expensive and not just because global economics are broken. Their going to be expensive because they are going to want to undercut each other in all the right places so the market has some kind of diversification and staying power. Which it absolutely will. Look at the Wii U, biggest gimmicky piece of a shit ever. It stands out from everything, so it has diversification in spades. Now SONY only needs to come out with what it already knows works, while Microsoft can pretend it invented the Super Nintendo and fart gold ingots like it always has since it entered the market.

Fuck corporate money, because corporate money isn't being recirculated into the economy. Inflation is incrementally going into infinity and everyone just wants MORE.

SO - if you find you want MORE of something you already have, or MORE of what someone else has, don't buy more - BUY SMART. Or you might just sell yourself short on bad consumer trends and make shitty costly mistakes. And mistakes with money suck huge hard donkey cocks because instead of pissing your money away you could have gotten something cool. Or at least purchased something that can cause retardation in laboratory mice. Or, you could have saved up and purchased something expensive and then blown it up. Like those people that dropped 10, 000 lbs of cell phones on top of a car. That shit was fucking eccentric!

p.s. luv u bb kisskiss
This was a post on a Dtoid thing some place other than this place so that's why it's here now because it's Dtoid related from Dtoid related places. That's why so that's why. luv u bb kk
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