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"Next-Gen: Will PS4 Win the Next Console War??"

Short answer: Yes.
Why? keep reading...

I am a big PlayStation Fan. BIG.

I have a PS1 (The original). PS2 (Big and Slim). There is a Brand new PS3 that have yet to be unboxed by me, and a TON of games between the 3 consoles.

Yes...a Big PlayStaion Fan.

And as a huge fan of this console, I have been impressed, excited, and disappointed by all the things Sony (The Makers of PlayStation, Duh) has done with the PSx.

And that is what might be worrying you readers about the upcoming PS4 - with the massive number of missteps Sony has made with the PS3, I am certain most of you are wondering if the latest gaming console from Sony won't suffer the same fate, if not worse.

Look at the shortcomings - The First-Gen of the PS3 could only play a few PS1 & 2 games well without crashing - Sony toted that the PS3 could play Earlier-console Game discs. It did not and cannot now.

When it first came out, it was in severely limited supply due to manufacturing problems abroad (Ran out of Blu-Ray Diodes, If I remember correctly), and cost back then, about a much as an iPad today.

And of course, let's not forget the Riots. Shootings, stabbings, the hundreds of crazed people rushing to get their hands on a small handful of PS3's, only to then sell them for nearly DOUBLE on eBay - I actually knew a few people who did that, and no I wasn't one of them.

And let's not forget the so-so awesomeness of the PS Home (I'm not into it), the easy-to-hack-because-we-don't-know-what-encryption-is PlayStation Network incident, the lack of Modding...

After all that mess, why would I think the Sony PlayStation will come out as the winner in the next console cycle?

Because Sony has gone thru all the major mistakes.

Think about it - That list of crazy fails could've happened with the PlayStation 4, but thankfully, it didn't. It happened with the PS3 instead. There is a VERY STRONG chance gamers won't go thru all of this again. Yes, the PS3 did take its fair share of ups and downs since its release, but this is a war of the consoles. And in any war, there is going to be Collateral Damage, and it's in Sony's best interest it take its licks now than later.

Another Benefit: The PS3 can already do so much already, but there is still room for improvement, which can go right into the PS4 with ease. If Sony plays its cards right, it can come out as the top dog in the next-gen cycle.

The only way I can see the PS4 going downhill, is if they make the same mistakes again, or do what Nintendo is doing: Willingly choosing to bring REALLY bad ideas on paper to creation.

Here's to hoping Sony proves me right.
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