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Next-Gen: We Have Arrived Onto The Future


Again I�m going to pick on Microsoft�s business model. Last generation, Microsoft decided that online gaming was going to be a thing you had to pay for instead of being a given privilege even if there had been a long established line of free online multiplayer. Part of the reason, in my opinion, they got away with this is because when Xbox Live was introduced on the original Xbox there was no real competition in the online home console market. Yes PS2 had online capabilities, however it wasn�t a standardized thing and wasn�t exactly up to par. Fast-forward to the present; Xbox Live is still around (and even hiked up its price), PlayStation has had an entire generation of experience under PlayStation Network�s belt now, and Nintendo even half-assed its way into the online world.

When evaluating the next gen systems, it�s going to be very hard for Microsoft to justify hiding online multiplayer behind a hidden cost for much longer. I may be a tad na�ve, but eventually consumers are going to wise up and realize that the competitors are offering the exact same services for free. Sony�s PSN is most likely only going to get better and Nintendo looks like it�s going to be taking online components seriously this time with the Wii-U. If you take a quick peek over to the PC gaming world, Steam offers the exact same set of features as Xbox Live does (and more) and it�s all absolutely free. The more people see the competition offering the same things for free the more it�s going to make Microsoft look bad and make people question why exactly Microsoft needs additional cash from them, especially if Microsoft is already pulling in revenue from all of their annoying dashboard ads.�

I�d like to see Xbox Live transform into something similar to what PlayStation Network is. The online multiplayer and basic features, such as Netflix, are available to everybody but if you choose to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold you�ll get extra perks such as discounts on titles and a hand written letter from Bill Gates telling you he�ll try to think of you the next time he thinks about how he�ll never have to worry about money ever again.

The future of consoles is a wondrously neat thing to speculate about. While I'll obviously be cynical about certain things I still gleefully await to see what the future holds. Hopefully the people in charge of actually pushing consoles into the next generation don't try too hard to continue doing some of the things that screwed up this generation.
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