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Video - Anime Expo 2012 in Under 4 Minutes and Planning for PAX Prime


I went undercover as a religious figure to Anime Expo 2012 and came back with some of the sights and smells. If you like the strange, scandalous, and sacrilegious sides of nerd culture, this video might tickle your fancy.

The reason I'm posting this here as well as Japanator is I'm planning on doing a similar comedy video at PAX, so any ideas on things to look for and caveats to avoid are vital to me. Editing suggestions are cool too.

If any one wants to show up to dance in the Prime video, we can plan to meet up at the D-Toid panel as well. I guess one of my biggest inspirations would be Jonathan Holmes's hyperactive and slightly self-depricating sense of humor in his videos so I'm optimistic.
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