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Dragon's Dogma DLC - IMHO it's a drop in a bucket.

So like many people, I've heard about the interest Capcom is taking to it's new IP Dragons' Dogma. It's selling well enough that the company is already considering a sequel. Which is great, I mean, have you played Dragon's Dogma? If you haven't it's a third-person action RPG that's done right. It looks great, sounds amazing, and plays like a dream. So if you haven't go play it, if you like it, maybe pick up a copy and throw around your pawns name. (My pawn is Weis and you can look her up by searching 'Bibbly53' she's lvl 80+ so I hope you have Rift Crystals, heck if you don't, I"ll gladly add you to my friends list so it won't cost you anything.)

Anyway, I really like Dragon's Dogma. It reminds me of so many games, but only the good parts, and it delivers a very interesting experience that is well paced and appropriately unique.

So far around a month or two after launch the DLC has only been some flashy items and new quests. With the announcement, that basically states "We <3 DD @ Capcom", which begets sequals and prequels and all the good stuff that comes with a well accepted title... I'm wondering.

Is it really cost effective to enter into a new development cycle for a sequal to a game that is selling very well right NOW? Where a new game may take a year or three, Dragon's Dogma is hot NOW. Why isn't new and expansive DLC being considered?

With a story so tightly wound, how can a new game be made with the title Dragon's Dogma, without somehow subdiverting the major philosophy of the first game?

DLC for a lot of games and companies is just a nickle and dime service to pump out some superficial stuff. Very few games get real expansions. Is it really cost effective to just move on to a whole new game? When did the video games industry turn into the motion picture box office?

Dragon's Dogma would be an even bigger hit and become a mainstay if it has DLC which expanded on what was there. It makes sense to consider the future of a franchise, but as it is this one title would benifit from extra attention. An island you get to via a boat, a mountain range you get to by a tunnel, some kind of expansion would probably benifit this title more now.

With that said, the kind of DLC I'm talking about probably takes anywhere from 5-12 months to make. So would you rather have 1 year for some great DLC or 2 years for a whole new game, with as much or more content - if you could pick, which would you rather have?
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