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"Launching Diablo III Launcher": The Tyrany of the War on Cheating


"Playing Diablo III legitimately means playing with an unaltered game client. Doing otherwise violates our policies for Battle.net and Diablo III, and it goes against the spirit of fair play that all of our games are based on. We strongly recommend that you avoid using any hacks, cheats, bots, or exploits. Suspensions and bans of players that have used or start using cheats and hacks will begin in the near future."
This is what Blizzard said baout cheating. However, they seem to have forgot that they made a single player game with a multiplayer mode. Fair play sounds great, remember when you made my Monk useless in higher the higher difficulties by nerfing his healing mantra. That was fair.

This may seem like an angry rant against actions Blizzard is taking but I do not intend for it to be. I love Diablo III and I played it a great deal until Blizzard nuked the character I put God knows how many hour into. I just worry for the president that the game sets. Banning players for harmlessly cheating in a single player game, one of the oldest traditions in gaming. Really, I'd like everyone's thoughts on the subject and to ask everyone what they think the reason was that cheat codes died.
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