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SuperD Funday Alright Wombatoid (SMNC): Who Needs E3?

New to SuperD Funday Alright Wombatoid (different name each week, same ole SMNC)? It's a pretty simple concept, just a bunch of Dtoiders playing SMNC on mondays normally at either 9 or 10 Central. And it's super. And stuff. Join so I'm not so terribly lonely... I can only cry in a corner by myself for so long wondering what I did wrong...

Alright! It's that type of year again! E3? Naw, the playing of SMNC every monday of course! Who needs to watch about videogaumes when you can just play VIDERGAUMES? Especially ones that aren't finished. Who needs to be at E3 playing the newest game demos when you can be apart of a game that accidentally leaked onto Steam while still in beta? Same thing right? So, fun time, super time, Adventure Time, whatever it is, time to get down to business. We're rocking 10 Central tonight. We're up for any modes as long as matchmaking agrees with that sentiment. Come join us, it's the bess'. Hope to see you there! For now, enjoy the random con-vo-sation and gif.

sele@arch: my friend
sele@arch: i have no rolly desk
sele@arch: but i do have an awsome rolly chair
xplodepants: I wonder how many mishaps have happened at valve with that haha
sele@arch: awesome
sele@arch: ((
sele@arch: ROFL yes
xplodepants: I have carpet, so...
sele@arch: orly?
sele@arch: :/
sele@arch: im a pianist, gamer, and have arthritis
sele@arch: yet no carpel
xplodepants: wooh!
sele@arch: ikr?
sele@arch: makes me sad you get it
sele@arch: but not me
xplodepants: lulululululululu CARPET
sele@arch: LAWL
sele@arch: erm
sele@arch: scuse me

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