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Monday Night Super Monday Night Combat Dtoid: Maybe Third Time's The Charm?

New to Monday Night Super Monday Night Combat Dtoid (Strider won this week's name, welcoming name recommendations in the comments and if people want to, it could be a different name each week.)? It's a pretty simple concept, just a bunch of Dtoiders playing SMNC on mondays normally at either 9 or 10 Central. And it's super. And stuff. Join so I'm not so terribly lonely... I can only cry in a corner by myself for so long wondering what I did wrong...

Well, on a neither positive nor negative note, we neither gained nor lost any players. Wooh! Although, that's partially my fault... I didn't see that some people wanted to play. Whoops. I've been busy with a secret project right now, so I don't have much to say this week again. This night is 10 central. I'll leave you guys with this random conversation and a .gif as usual. Join if you can!

xplodepants: I learned the weirdest spanish...
[email protected]: dang dude we're getting poetic here
[email protected]: make a petrarchan sonnet out of it
xplodepants: lemme go get my guitar
[email protected]: ^.^
xplodepants: *gets guitar*
xplodepants: oh, yeah, right, I can't play
xplodepants: *puts guitar down*
xplodepants: It lived a good life.

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