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Videogames make me feel younger... and I'm cool with that

One of the weirdest things about hitting your mid-20s is, that you feel young and like a teenager in some areas while fully realizing that you're actually getting old. Not old in objective terms, but you certainly feel a certain disconnect with �young people�, as you've started calling them, or �teenagers�, a word you'll say more and more in the way Max Scoville does. I've already had my fair share of �get off my lawn� moments, so I'm practically there, but looking at the videogames I play right now, I kind of noticed a few things.

Which leads me to my second part: Playing the sequels to some of my favorite games when I was a teenager makes me feel younger, at least for a short time. It's not quite on par with what Mega Man 9 or 10 did for me, de facto turning me into a 6-year-old again, but still bringing me back to the days where I was between 14 and 16 years old and playing Diablo 2 all night. What's irritating though, is the fact that I play those games in order to review them for a newspaper, which of course somewhat alters my interaction with those games. Still, the effect is there, and it makes me reconsider my age and feel younger at the same time.

And I'm cool with that!
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